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Nav Raj Adhikari


NR Adhikari completed PhD (Plant Breeding) at Tribhuvan University, Nepal in 2015.
Dr Adhikari completed his MS studies in Plant Breeding at Tottori University, Japan in 1995. Dr Adhikari has been working at Plant Breeding Department, Rampur Campus of IAAS, Tribhuvan University, Nepal (TUN) since 1996. He completed the PhD (Defense) on April 10, 2015; Tribhuvan Univ, Nepal. He is interested in plant chromosome engineering (plant cytogenetics), plant genetics, plant breeding. He has some more interests on phenomena of damage of water molecules in chloroplasts and light reactions of photosynthesis.

Agricultural Science Biochemistry Cell Biology Genetics Plant Science Soil Science

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Professor In Plant Breeding

Tribhuvan University Kathmandu
Plant Breeding Department
Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science


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07 May 2015

I want to edit following section: 1) I as the first editor want to edit the abstract and make new one which I mentioned here. Abstract National maize productivity is very...