Yusoff Norma-Rashid

Yusoff Norma-Rashid


Norma-Rashid is an avid researcher on faunistic living treasures with an extensive field experience. Her job involves four domains teaching, research, administration and providing scientific services to a wider community. The central theme of her research interest is behavioural ecology in the laboratory or various ecosytems (mangrove, marine, riverine, agricultural and forest) in wide ranging animals (insects, spiders & scorpions, selected vertebrates including humans). Currently, she has developed a passion for various aspects (biomonitoring, biocoenosis, ecomorphometrics, taxonomy, behaviour and ecology of dragonflies & spiders. She has described a myriad of species found to be new local records or new to science promoting Malaysian megabiodiversity. Being the only trained local odonatist led her to many connections and recognitions of international repute. Some of her collaborations include Natural History Museum, Leiden, Sussex University, Harvard University, Universiti Brunei Darussalam and National Univesity of Singapore.

Agricultural Science Animal Behavior Biodiversity Conservation Biology Ecology Entomology Environmental Sciences Evolutionary Studies Zoology

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University of Malaya
Institute of Biological Sciences
Ecology & Biodiversity Program, University of Malaya (UM) Affiliation: (1) Zoological and Ecological Network (ZEN) group, UM (2) Institute of Ocean & Earth Sciences (IOES), UM (3) The National Professors Council, Malaysia

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