Nida Mahmoed

Nida Mahmoed


Nida Mahmoed is an author, technology investor and feminist philanthropist. She was just 23 years old when she co-founded Peracha Media - Accelerator for Women Entrepreneurs. She introduces a summer training program for female entrepreneurial success at Peracha Media. Nida currently serves as a board member and also holds a position of Director of Marketing at Appease Apex. Previously Nida was a venture partner at Movement for rule of Law and Investor at Leaders Lunch Pakistan.

Nida is an Author of 2 Poetry books, Broken Women and Movement or Belief and also a producer and on-air presenter at Digital Radio “Efflux Plus”. She has worked across the globe in helping and developing business ideas for women in the tech sector.

As a busy Director of several ventures, Nida juggles demanding poetry writing routines with her passion for investing in information technology sector and mentoring rural women for starting and developing digital business.

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