Cheng Sun

Cheng Sun


In general, I am interested in genome evolution, especially, the role of repetitive sequences played in changing the evolutionary trajectory of one species. Currently, my research focus on bumblebee genome evolution.

Agricultural Science Bioinformatics Evolutionary Studies Genetics Genomics

Work details


Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
October 2015
Institute of Apicultural Research
Bumblebee genomics and bioinformatics

Ph.D student

Chinese academy of sciences
September 2004 - January 2009
Institute of genetics and developmental biology
Wheat molecular genetics Molecular markers

Postdoc fellow

University of Texas at Arlington
January 2009 - December 2010
genomics, genome evolution, transposable elements

Postdoc fellow

Colorado State University
March 2011 - August 2015
Department of Biology
salamander genomics


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