Miquel Gonzalez-Meler
Academic Editor

Miquel A Gonzalez-Meler


Professor and director of undergraduate studies at the department of Biology at the university of Illinois at Chicago. Studies the interactions between ecosystems and environmental factors in a changing climate. Major tools are ecosystem manipulations (changes in temperature, precipitation, CO2) and isotopes to understand the effects and feedbacks between the terrestrial biosphere and climate and how those affect humans.

Biogeochemistry Biosphere Interactions Climate Change Biology Coupled Natural & Human Systems Ecosystem Science Forestry Soil Science

Work details

Full Professor

University of Illinois at Chicago
September 2000 - October 2017
Biological Sciences

Student and Postdoc

Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
July 1992 - December 1996
CO2 Lab

Research Associate

Duke University
February 1997 - August 2000

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