Manuel José Fernández Iglesias
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Manuel José Fernández Iglesias


Manuel José Fernández Iglesias has 5-year degree in telecommunication engineering (1990) from Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (Spain) and a PhD in telecommunication engineering (1997) from Universidade de Vigo (Spain). Since 1990 he is involved in lecturing and research at the School of Telecommunication Engineering at Universidade de Vigo.

Manuel J. Fernández Iglesias published more than one hundred papers in international refereed journals and conference proceedings in the field of Information Technologies, and regularly participates in international projects in that field with universities and companies around the world. His research interests include protocol engineering, multimedia applications and e-services.

Along the last years Manuel held several managerial positions in the public sector. He served as General Director for Audiovisual Communications at the Regional Government of Galicia, Spain, and as CEO of the Galician telecommunications operator RETEGAL SA among others. Since June 2010 he serves as Vice-Rector for International Relations at University of Vigo, and since May 2013 as Vice-Rector for University Extension and International Relations.

Computer Education Computer Networks & Communications Emerging Technologies Human-Computer Interaction Multimedia Software Engineering

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Associate Professor

University of Vigo
October 1990

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