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Michelle Henley has worked in the areas of elephant ecology, behaviour and reproductive physiology for some 20 years. After completing her PhD on the sex- and age-related feeding distinctions in the African elephant, she was appointed Programme Manager and Research Ecologist of Elephants Alive (formerly Save the Elephants – South Africa) a NPO she co-founded with Marlene McCay. For the past twelve years she has monitored elephant movements and their social interactions by means of an identification study and habitat selection throughout the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park, straddling South-Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. She has published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, popular publications and has contributed towards various books. She has written and illustrated children’s books on elephant conservation related topics, a subject which lies close to her heart. She is a registered Post-doctoral Fellow registered at the Applied Behavioural Ecology and Environmental Research Unit of the University of South Africa and a Trustee of the Elephant Specialist Advisory Group of South Africa. In 2013 she received the Wildlife and Environmental Society of South Africa’s National Award for an individual.

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Co-founder, Programme Manager and Princiapl Researcher

Elephants Alive
May 2003
Elephants Alive represents an NPO registered in South Africa. Our research commenced in 2003 as Save the Elephants – South Africa, and draws on data collected over almost two decades. Our quest involves delivering research solutions which acknowledge elephants as an integral part of the ecosystem they occupy. We work towards achieving a greater understanding of the complex relationships that elephants have with each other and their surroundings, including the people with whom they share their world.

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