Maria da Graça Salomão

Maria da Graça Salomão


Graduated BSc (1982), MSc, PhD Animal Physiology (1987, 1991) USP, Brazil. Scientific Researcher I. Butantan, Lab. Herpetologia (1987), level VI (2003). Post Doctoral Univ. Wales, UK, cooperation Liverpool Inst.Trop. Medicine, Univ. Oxford (1994-2000 Br. Council) on Systematics, Evolution, Ecology of Venomous Snakes in Latin America aiming Snakebite Prevention and Conservation. Colaborator at L.G.Bio. UFG GO, BR (Senior Post-Doc. CNPq) working on Bothrops genus and molecular markers (SSR).

Molecular Biology Zoology

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Scientific Researcher VI

Instituto Butantan
Laboratório de Herpetologia

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