Marylène Poirié
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Marylène Poirié


Professor of Evolutionary Biology and Genetics, Nice Sophia Antipolis University (France). Co-Head of the Sophia Agrobiotech Institute (INRA-CNRS-University of Nice Sophia Antipolis). Recipient of the Integrative Biology prize of the French Academy of Sciences (Balachovski prize). Member of the excutive committee of the Signalife Labex. Past member of the excutive committee of the European Doctoral School "Insect Science and Biotechnology".

Agricultural Science Entomology Evolutionary Studies Genetics Molecular Biology Parasitology

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University of Nice Sophia Antipolis
Sophia Agrobiotech Institute (INRA-CNRS-UNS)

Team leader - Co-head of the Institute

Sophia Agrobiotech Institute (INRA, CNRS, University of Nice)

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