Lauren Lyon

Lauren M Lyon


M.S. Geosciences
B.S. Biology

Research areas focus particularly on comparative anatomy of mammals, paleontology, ecological niche modelling, and mammalian systematics. Expanding research to include field studies and incorporation into niche models for increased accuracy.

Anatomy & Physiology Conservation Biology Ecology Evolutionary Studies Paleontology Spatial & Geographic Information Systems Taxonomy Zoology

Past or current institution affiliations

Work details

Undergraduate Research Assistant

University of Tennessee - Chattanooga
July 2011 - May 2015
Department of Biology, Geology, and Environmental Science
Conducted research on various xenarthran taxa for Dr. Timothy Gaudin's lab. Prepared various southeastern species and some exotic animals (i.e. giant anteater) for collections (skinned, skeletonized, and cleaned).

Graduate Research Assistant

East Tennessee State University
August 2015 - May 2017
Center of Excellence in Paleontology/Geosciences
Conducted research on fossil ailurids with Dr. Steven Wallace's lab through the ETSU Natural History Museum at the Gray Fossil Site. Assisted in excavations as a field crew member the last three summers. Prepared (skinned, dissected, skeletonized, and catalogued) various exotic animals for ETSU's modern osteology collection (e.g. red pandas, polar bears, a siberian tiger, giant river otters, and sloths). Additional thesis related research conducted with Dr. Andrew Joyner involving niche models for the red panda and giant panda bear, as well as conservation implications as a result of these models.

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