Luke Stockwin

Luke H Stockwin


Leeds University, UK - PhD in cancer Immunobiology.
Oxford Glycosciences, UK - Proteomic characterization of cancer cell surface markers - with development of humanized therapeutic monoclonal antibodies.
FNLCR Developmental Therapeutic Program [DTP] mechanism group - Proteomic Identification of small-molecule response biomarkers, mechanistic studies of small molecules, transcriptomics of xenograft models and rare tumors.
FNLCR Patient-derived model [PDM] initiative - development of a platform for the rapid derivation and molecular characterization of cancer cell lines and CAFs from tumor biopsies and patient-derived xenografts.

Biochemistry Bioinformatics Biotechnology Cell Biology Computational Biology Genomics Molecular Biology Oncology Translational Medicine

Work details

Scientist II

Leidos Biomedical
September 2003 - September 2017
2012 – Present: NCI Patient derived model initiative, Biological Testing Branch, Developmental Therapeutics Program, FNLCR [formerly NCI-Frederick]. Responsibility for the generation, characterization, purification [cell sorting] and genomic analysis of cell lines and CAFS derived from PDX tumors. Specifically, development of antibody panels for the characterization and enrichment [FACS/cell sorting] of tumor cells and CAFs from PDX tumors. Development of protocols for the maintenance of PDX-derived cell cultures [defined media, 2D/3D culture systems, Rho kinase inhibitors etc.]. Development of a simple and sensitive qRT-PCR assay for the detection of mouse mRNA in mixed cultures [for estimation of % mouse contamination]. Development of qRT-PCR array for the identification of human fibroblasts/endothelial and other mesenchymal cells. Genomic characterization of PDX cultures - Microarray analysis [U133 plus 2.0 and ST arrays], Immunocytochemistry, western blotting, RPPA antibody arrays.

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