Luis Cunha
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Luis Cunha


Originally an evolutionary biologist (Bsc, Msc, PhD) who become a bioinformatician, led by the demands of his research interests mainly towards invertebrate evolution, genomics and adaptations to extreme aquatic and terrestrial environments. Coupled with a boundless enthusiasm for his research subjects, and a passion to communicate that enthusiasm to the public alike, made him confident that he can contribute positively to this trip challenge. Presently is he working as a Marie Curie fellow at Embrapa under an international cooperation project between the European Union and Brazil. He is studying the particularities of biodiversity signatures as affected by human action in anthropogenic ecosystems, especially the Amazonian Dark Earths.

Ecology Environmental Sciences Evolutionary Studies Genetics Genomics Soil Science

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Marie Curie Fellow

Cardiff University
March 2012
Biological Sciences