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September 1999 – July2004, Shanxi Medical University,Preventive medicine,Bachelor.
September 2004 – July 2009,Capital Institute of Pediatrics (CIP),Pediatrics,Master.
August 2007 – present,Capital Institute of Pediatrics (CIP),Research Assistant of Health Development Research Center.
Background of CIP: Founded in 1958, it has three major departments for basic research, child health and clinical treatment and 11 key laboratories. Its affiliated pediatric hospital is the busiest Grade-3 and Class-A pediatric hospital in China which has the biggest outpatient population per capita.
Introduction of Health Development Research Center: as one of the 11 key laboratories, it is mainly engaged in promotion of community health-related technology, epidemiology intervention experiment in community, health policy research, community health management and performance evaluation. It undertakes national research projects and has been funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology for 15 consecutive years; it provides training for staff of grass-root medical organizations and provides comprehensive guidance for community health service organizations and township health centers regularly upon entrustment of the Ministry of Health.

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November 3, 2016
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