Luis A Diambra


I am group leader of the System Biology Lab at CREG since 2006: Here, my work focused on developing Bioinformatics tools to analysis and modeling biological data. These applications ranging from sequence analysis, genome assembly, to reverse engineering gene networks. On the modeling side, I focused on several aspect of the physiology such as: circadian rhythms, intracellular calcium signaling, and gene expression stochastic
models. I also worked on biological pattern formation from regulatory networks. The mathematical tools behind these research are: Numerical methods for differential equations, Information Theory, Statistical mechanics and Dynamical systems. Many of these tools have been acquired from previous experience on other research areas.
Additionally, I want to mention that I am reviewer of some international journals such as: Physical Review, Physica A, Chaos, Physical Review Letter. I am also Editorial Board member of Int. J. of Statistical mechanics.

Bioengineering Bioinformatics Biophysics Biotechnology Cell Biology Computational Biology Data Mining & Machine Learning Genomics Mathematical Biology Molecular Biology Synthetic Biology

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July 2006

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