Dr. Ka-Lok Ng received the Honours diploma in physics from Hong Kong Baptist College in 1983, and the Ph.D. degree in theoretical physics from the Vanderbilt University at USA in 1990. He holds a professorship position at the Department of Biomedical Informatics, Asia University, Taiwan, since August 2008. Beginning from Dec. 2009, he serves on the Editorial board of several international journals. He is the Editor-in-Chief, Associate Editor, Reviewer Editor and Guest Editor of the WSEAS Transactions of Biology and Biomedicine (2010/09 -2013/10), IST Transactions of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering, Frontiers in Genomic Assay Technology and Current Bioinformatics respectively. Furthermore, he is also actively involved in reviewing manuscripts for international journals. He was the Conference/Program Co-chair of several international conferences, such as ICB(2015, 2016), APBC2015 and BIBE2016.
Dr. Ng has published articles in highly ranked journals, in the areas of protein-protein interaction network (PPIN), robustness study of biological networks, domain-domain interactions, non-coding RNA, protein function prediction and DNA data hiding method. His research interests include PPIN, mRNA-microRNA expression profile study, cancer-related microRNAs, physio-chemical properties of protein complexes, time series microarray data analysis, host-pathogen PPI studies and drug repositioning.

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September 28, 2016
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