Yanyong Kang


I got my Ph.D from the Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2010. Now I am a research scientist at Van Andel Institute. I am working on the function of G protein coupled receptors. I have published ten papers in the journal of Nature, Nature Structure & Molecular Biology, Gene & Dev., Cell Research et al.

Biochemistry Biophysics Cell Biology Evolutionary Studies HIV Immunology Infectious Diseases Metabolic Sciences Microbiology Molecular Biology Virology

Work details

Research Scientist

Van Andel Institute
My research aims to elucidate the molecular basis of cell signaling through the use of biochemical and biophysical techniques, as well as structural biology methods including protein crystallography and electron microscopy. Specifically, I am focused on the study of proteins important in human health and disease, with a particular emphasis on leveraging recent advances in our understanding of cell signaling to develop new and better therapeutics

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