James Latimer
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James S Latimer


Dr. Latimer has had extensive experience in the field of marine biogeochemistry, ecology, and management: the study of the sources, transport, fate, and effects of environmental contaminants in marine systems with application to ecosystem management. He has planned and executed major interdisciplinary studies involving the quantification of atmospheric inputs, freshwater sources, spatial and temporal distributions and ecological effects of nutrients, toxic organics, and metals in the coastal marine environment. He and his colleagues' work was one of the first to show nonpoint sources of pollution as significant to the coastal marine environment. In addition, his experience in multiple aspects of the nature of marine environmental pollution has allowed him to contribute to many EPA and other governmental panels for the formulation of regulatory frameworks useful to the states/tribes and regional offices. Recently he led a team of scientists and managers in the development of the Long Island Sound Study’s Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan and was also the senior editor on a scientific synthesis book on Long Island Sound. Currently, besides his scientific work on watershed-estuary interactions, he has been active in the Gulf of Maine Council’s EcoSystem Indicator Partnership as the US Chair, leading the group in the development of environmental and ecosystem services indicators, as well as digital tools for use by citizen scientists.

Aquatic & Marine Chemistry Biogeochemistry Biological Oceanography Climate Change Biology Ecology Ecosystem Science Environmental Contamination & Remediation Environmental Impacts Natural Resource Management Spatial & Geographic Information Science

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Research Physical Scientist

US Environmental Protection Agency
May 1995
National Health and Evironmental Effects Research Laboratory


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