Stephane Joost


I am specialized in the contribution of Geographic Information Science for the conservation of plant and animal genetic resources. I apply spatial statistics and geocomputation methods to conservation genetics and landscape genomics.

Agricultural Science Conservation Biology Environmental Sciences Evolutionary Studies Genetics

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Research and Teaching Associate

Laboratory of Geographic Information Systems, EPFL
Institute of Environmental Engineering


PeerJ Contributions

October 13, 2016 - Version: 3
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September 27, 2016 - Version: 2
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15 Aug 2016

The manuscript misses arguments related to the open-source dimension of the development,which are very important to OGRS. In the original CartograTree paper by Vasquez-Gross et al...

15 Aug 2016

This paper is missing information about the programming languages and open source libraries/packages used to deal with the genetic, geographic, and environmental datasets in the Ba...

15 Aug 2016

Very good paper offering new perspectives in landscape genetics by means of specific open source software developments relying on strong theoretical bases. The paper is based on th...

12 Oct 2016

On-the-fly review for "last-minute" submission (paper submitted without reference to the OGRS 22016 collection): Major concern: - In the abstract you say that "this paper prese...

12 Oct 2016

Autoreview: there is a problem with the new version. The section on the detection of selection signatures is missing. The title of the section is correct, but then the text is the...