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Dr. Jose (Joe) Lopez is a Professor at the Nova Southeastern University Ocean Center. He earned a Master’s degree at Florida State University, and his doctorate at George Mason University studying the evolution of mitochondrial DNA and its transpositions (Numt) in feline nuclear genomes. Dr Lopez then applied his molecular evolutionary training characterizing the Orbicella (formerly Montastraea) annularis coral sibling species complex at STRI in Panama, and sponge genetics at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute. Since 2007, Dr Lopez’s current research at the NSU Center of Excellence in Coral Reef Ecosystems Research, involves diverse projects on marine invertebrate-microbial symbiosis, genomics and metagenomics of marine habitats, gene expression of marine organisms, marine microbiology, and systematics/phylogenetics for placing marine sponges on a global Tree of Life ( His lab has recently initiated the novel “Global Invertebrate Genomics Alliance” (, that will apply genome sequencing of non-model invertebrate species, and Dr. Lopez is also involved with the consortium of sponge biologists characterizing symbionts as part of the global Earth Microbiome Project ( He also helps compose the new team of DEEPEND (Deep Pelagic Nekton Dynamics of the Gulf of Mexico –, which focuses on oil effects in deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

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Nova Southeastern University
Department of Biological Sciences, Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography

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