Associate Professor in Biological Chemistry at University of Stavanger

University of Stavanger Stavanger, Norway
Position: Associate Professor in Biological Chemistry


The subject area for the position is Biological Chemistry.The position is organizationally affiliated to the Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.As an Associate Professor, you will primarily teach and guide students at bachelor’s, Master's and PhD level in Biological Chemistry,conduct research and disseminate research results within relevant research fields in the department, and contribute to the development ofpartnerships with businesses. The development and use of varied and digital learning methods in teaching, innovation and value creationbased on results from research and academic work will be included in the position. The job description gives a more detailed description ofthe subject area and relevant duties for associate professors.

Skills & Experience

We are seeking an associate professor with a PhD in the subject area. Administrative experience, management experience and qualifications within innovation and commercialization of research are emphasized .You must be able to document pedagogical and didactic skills relating to higher education, or complete a university pedagogical coursewithin a period of two years following your appointment. The course will be given by the university .The following attributes are also desirable: A reflective and conscientious attitude to your own work relating to teaching and guidance. » The ability to involve and engage students in teaching where the course's objectives, content and assessment situations are closely interlinked. » Experience of and/or interest in the development of varied learning methods and digital tools in teaching. » Research results published in recognised Norwegian and international publications, and references indicating progression in research and publication. » The ability to initiate, obtain external funding for, drive forward and carry out research and development projects. » Experience of partnerships with businesses. » The ability to build and nurture networks - regionally, nationally and internationally. » Experience of innovation and the commercialisation of research. » The ability to manage a heavy workload, inquisitive and motivated to develop new knowledge in collaboration with others. » Good teamwork and communication skills, and the ability to contribute to a constructive working environment.
Show how to Apply
Apply for the position online via the “Apply for the position” link on the following page: Here, you can submit your letter of application, relevant educationand experience. The following documents must be uploaded as attachments to your application in separate files: CV with a full summary of your education and experience. » Relevantcertificatesandreferences. » Complete list of scientific works and artistic activity. » Up to 10 works which document your teaching and educational competence; see Guidelines for the assessment of teaching competence. » Up to 10 scientific works which are pivotal to your research output, including your PhD thesis. » Documentation of other activities considered to be relevant in relation to the requirements for the position. The documentation must be available in either a Scandinavian language or in English. If the total size of the attachments exceeds 30 MB, they must be compressed before uploading.

p.s. be sure to mention this PeerJ listing when applying.