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Julien Kimmig


I completed a B.Sc. degree in Geosciences at the University of Göttingen, a Masters in 'Advanced Methods in Taxonomy and Biodiversity' at Imperial College in London and the Natural History Museum London, and a Ph.D. in Geology at the University of Saskatchewan.

Evolutionary Studies Paleontology

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Collections Manager

University of Kansas
June 2016
Biodiversity Institute
I am the Collections Manager for the University of Kansas Invertebrate Paleontology collections and am concentrating my research on the paleoecology , taphonomy, depositional environments and taxonomy of Paleozoic Lagerstätte-type deposits. My main research areas are a new Cambrian Lagerstätte from the Mackenzie Mountains, NWT, Canada, the Spence Shale in Utah and the Bear Gulch Lagerstätte. Next to this I also worked on, ostracods, phytosaurs and Permian sharks.

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