Jibin Zhang

Jibin Zhang


I have been working on teaching and research of animal genetics for 8 years from Master study in China Agricultural University to postdoc in Iowa State University. With participation in more than 6 research projects, I have published more than 10 papers in scientific peer-reviewed journals, given presentations in more than 10 scientific conferences and seminars, and won several outstanding awards. In addition, I am also involved in review of several journals including lipids, BMC Genomics, Scientific Reports, Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences and Peer J. My research interest is on genetic regulation of animal adipose and muscle development, gene expression regulation and genetic variation related to resistance to infectious disease and heat stress.

Agricultural Science Biotechnology Genetics Genomics Immunology

Work details

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Iowa State University
May 2015 - August 2017
Animal Science
As a postdoc researcher, my research interest is on genetic regulation related to resistance to heat stress and infectious diseases in chickens. I have studied cardiac gene expression response to heat stress in broilers and splenic gene expression response to NDV in layer chickens through RNA-seq analysis.

Graduate Research Associate

Ohio State University
September 2011 - May 2015
Department of Animal Sciences
As a graduate research associate, I attended some genetic and statistical courses and achieved high GPA. In addition, I also assisted teaching of several courses including Principles of Genetic Improvement, Animal Physiology, Contemporary Animal Use Issues, Data Analysis and Interpretation for Decision Making and Department seminars. Finally, I have completed my dissertation titled "Study of important cell cycle regulators in adipose tissue using Gene Expression Omnibus DataSets and molecular biotechnology" and published three first-author scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals including Animal, Lipids and PLoS One. During my research, I selected important cell cycle regulators by datamining with Gene Expression Omnibus DataSets in NCBI and investiagated development of adipose tissue of broiler chickens and pigs by detecting cell cycle and cell proliferation using quantitative PCR, western blotting and PCNA immunostaining. I also selected novel secretory factors in various tissues in mouse through analysis of Gene Expression Omnibus DataSets in NCBI and detected their locations by plasmid contruction, transient transfection of cell culture and western blotting. Finally, I detected gene expression of HPS4 in adipose tissue by western blotting and quantitative PCR in chicken, quail and turkey.

PeerJ Contributions