Jose Fausto de Morais
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Jose Fausto de Morais


I am graduate in science and mathematics, with a master's degree in statistics and quantitative methods, and a PhD's degree in Evidence-Based Health. I am adjunct professor at a federal university. My areas of interest are psychometric scales, quality of scientific publication, meta-analysis, systematic review, autism, I published 30 articles (10 articles in journals with Garfield's impact factor), I proving biostatistical advice to about 300 academic reseaarch (at Maters and PhD).

Clinical Trials Cognitive Disorders Epidemiology Evidence Based Medicine Immunology Infectious Diseases Internal Medicine Neurology Psychiatry & Psychology Public Health Statistics Translational Medicine World Wide Web & Web Science

Work details

Assistant Professor with exclusive dedication

Universidade Federal de Uberlândia
October 2009
Faculdade de Matemática
Mathematical, Statistical and Biostatistical

Assistant Professor 20h

Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo
December 2016 - December 2005

Assistant Professor with exclusive dedication

Universidade Mackenzie
December 2000 - December 2005
Mathematical and Statistical

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