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As PeerJ's chief executive officer, Jason is responsible for the content, product, strategy and day-to-day operations. At the end of 2011, Jason approached Pete Binfield, then at PLOS, with the idea and model that would become PeerJ. Jason built the PeerJ platform with a focus on the user experience and speed; and in early 2012 that helped to secure initial funding in the Spring of that year. Jason and Pete officially announced PeerJ in June 12, 2012 and started accepting submissions towards the end of 2012. Jason strongly believes that research needs to be openly available if we are going to solve this century's biggest challenges.

Prior to co-founding PeerJ, Jason was Chief Scientist at Mendeley heading up R&D and Products, pioneering the data mining group that scaled Mendeley's growth to crowd source more than 150 million academic documents in just over two years. Previous to this, he started up Ologeez, one of the earliest online bookmarking and recommendation tools for academic literature.

Jason holds a Ph.D. in Genetics from Stanford University where he worked under Michele Calos researching human gene therapy.

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January 2012


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