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University of Amsterdam
TU Delft will be covering Article Publishing Fees, for authors (submission admins) affiliated with the University, in any of the PeerJ journals.
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With PeerJ TU Delft researchers can both publish their articles at a low cost per author, and partake in the peer-review process of publications submitted by fellow researchers.

What they needed

Delft University of Technology wanted its researchers to publish their articles at a low cost per author and also to partake in the peer-review process of publications.

How PeerJ helped

  • PeerJ supplied prepaid publishing plans for 36 authors
  • Automated process – authors are validated by email so no additional authentication required
  • Library easily monitors the usage of publishing plans
  • Cost effective and low maintenance solution

Why is Open Access important to your institution?

TU Delft believes that the dissemination of knowledge is essential for the progress of scientific research. It is in the interest of the scientific community that research results are made freely available to everyone. By publishing research results ‘open access’, i.e. freely accessible to all, the dissemination of knowledge to a broad audience becomes much more efficient. Publishing open access also aids knowledge valorization as it eases access to research results for (up-and-coming) businesses and individuals. In order to provide TU Delft researchers with opportunities to publish in open access the Open Access Fund of TU Delft Library has decided to support innovative business models such as PLOS, Copernicus, Frontiers and PeerJ.

What is it about the PeerJ model that interests you?

With regards to open access, TU Delft encourages its researchers to publish in open access journals, deposit their publications in TU Delft Repository and to retain the copyright for their publication. Additionally we encourage them to consider sitting on the editorial board of qualified open access journals and to review manuscripts for open access publications if they are asked to do so. With PeerJ our researchers can both publish their articles at a low cost per author, and partake in the peer-review process of publications submitted by fellow researchers. The possibility of open peer review that is available with PeerJ is also appealing as it encourages transparency of both the review process and how an article has come to its final form.

What kind of arrangement have you entered into with PeerJ?

TU Delft has chosen the Basic Publishing Plan (which is $139 per author once an article is accepted). The arranged pre-payment of $5,000 will cover Basic Publication Plans for as many as 36 researchers of TU Delft. The Basic Publication Plan will cover the processing charges for the first publication, and will allow our researchers to publish one PeerJ article every year at no additional cost and will remain theirs for life.

How is the fund being administered and monitored at the University??

The authors themselves can request the plans either while they are submitting their publication, or if they submitted their manuscript with a free PeerJ publishing plan, after it has been accepted. As the process is automated researchers are validated based on their email address. An automated email informs Repository-lib@tudelft.nl in turn that a researcher has requested funds, so we can monitor how many publishing plans are still available.

What problem does the PeerJ Arrangement solve for you?

For us it is convenient that the PeerJ arrangement more or less manages itself. It does not require much manpower or time to set up the agreement, and from there on our researchers can apply for a publishing plan and automatically receive it without the library functioning as a middleman. That PeerJ is well organized and affordable makes it a good fit for us.