Uppsala Universitet

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16 Peer-reviewed Articles

8 Preprints

Approaches for containerized scientific workflows in cloud environments with applications in life science
559 views · 415 downloads
Triclosan changes community composition and selects for specific bacterial taxa in marine periphyton biofilms in low nanomolar concentration
272 views · 91 downloads
Assessing universality of DNA barcoding in geographically isolated selected desert medicinal species of Fabaceae and Poaceae
476 views · 278 downloads
First de-novo transcriptome assembly of a South American frog, Oreobates cruralis, enables population genomic studies of Neotropical amphibians
985 views · 559 downloads
A primer for managing international collaboration and legal compliance in biobank based genomics
827 views · 305 downloads
Seqenv: linking sequences to environments through text mining
862 views · 344 downloads

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