McGill University

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25 Peer-reviewed Articles

12 Preprints

STROBE-MR: Guidelines for strengthening the reporting of Mendelian randomization studies
7,725 views · 5,332 downloads
The effects of high versus low talker variability and individual aptitude on phonetic training of Mandarin lexical tones
1,747 views · 1,023 downloads
Saproxylic Diptera assemblages in a temperate deciduous forest: implications for community assembly
1,197 views · 459 downloads
Xeno-miRNet: a comprehensive database and analytics platform to explore xeno-miRNAs and their potential targets
485 views · 346 downloads
Achieving mangrove conservation and sustainable use in Mexico through community-based Management Units for Wildlife Conservation within and beyond Protected Areas
612 views · 354 downloads
Researcher engagement in policy deemed societally beneficial yet unrewarded
1,718 views · 540 downloads

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