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UC Berkeley has a strong interest in exploring and supporting a variety of open access projects. The UCB Library believes that open access publishing moves science forward and increases impact. PeerJ's model is novel and exciting, and the Library supports its research community by paying for the one-time cost of membership in PeerJ.

When a paper is accepted for publication in PeerJ, the Berkeley library will pay the cost of a basic membership for each Berkeley author. The membership remains yours for life, even if you leave Berkeley!

We trust this membership will encourage Berkeley authors to make their scholarship open and accessible. If you have questions regarding our support of PeerJ, or other open access initiatives supported by the Berkeley Libraries, please contact Margaret Phillips (mphillip@library.berkeley.edu).

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33 Peer-reviewed Articles

54 Preprints

Towards computational reproducibility: researcher perspectives on the use and sharing of software
A customizable microscopy system for the automated quantification and characterization of multiple adherent cell types: an alternative to flow cytometry
85 views · 23 downloads
Rapid remote sensing assessment of impacts from Hurricane Maria on forests of Puerto Rico
592 views · 315 downloads
Squeezing water from a stone: High-throughput sequencing from a 145-year old holotype resolves (barely) a cryptic species problem in flying lizards
199 views · 231 downloads
The mathematics of extinction across scales: from populations to the biosphere
268 views · 67 downloads
Sexually dimorphic venom proteins in long-jawed orb-weaving spiders (Tetragnatha) with potential roles in sexual interactions
233 views · 81 downloads

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