VU University Amsterdam

VU University Amsterdam doesn't have a central Open Access funding arrangement with PeerJ yet. With a funding plan, authors publishing with PeerJ are able to streamline publication charges.

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9 Peer-reviewed Articles

6 Preprints

Development and application of a robotic zebra finch (RoboFinch) to study multimodal cues in vocal communication
2,594 views · 1,532 downloads
The effect of external lateral stabilization on the use of foot placement to control mediolateral stability in walking and running
3,038 views · 2,047 downloads
Microbial Evolutionary Medicine – from theory to clinical practice
1,627 views · 954 downloads
Enumerating common molecular substructures
979 views · 709 downloads
The health care and life sciences community profile for dataset descriptions
1,479 views · 371 downloads
Decentralized provenance-aware publishing with nanopublications
1,541 views · 432 downloads

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