University of Dublin, Trinity College

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9 Peer-reviewed Articles

7 Preprints

Milankovitch forcing of Early Jurassic wildfires
464 views · 258 downloads
Variation of kerogen assemblages and δ13CKerogen in Lower Toarcian successions of the southern Tethyan margin
475 views · 225 downloads
Analyzing mixing systems using a new generation of Bayesian tracer mixing models
3,080 views · 1,830 downloads
Predicting trophic discrimination factor using Bayesian inference and phylogenetic, ecological and physiological data. DEsIR: Discrimination Estimation in R.
2,298 views · 1,446 downloads
A horizon scan of future threats and opportunities for pollinators and pollination
1,896 views · 598 downloads
Trail Making contributes to subjective judgment of visual efficiency in older adults
780 views · 314 downloads

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