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The University of Bath aims to deliver world-class research and teaching, educating our students to become future leaders and innovators, and benefiting the wider population through our research, enterprise and influence.

To support these goals we encourage researchers to ensure their publications are openly accessible to maximise visibility and impact.

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15 Peer-reviewed Articles

8 Preprints

Hydration, arginine vasopressin, and gluco-regulatory health in humans: A critical perspective
430 views · 261 downloads
Local genes for local bacteria: evidence of allopatry in the genomes of transatlantic Campylobacter populations
1,446 views · 543 downloads
Genome-wide association of functional traits linked with Campylobacter jejuni survival from farm to fork
2,315 views · 1,029 downloads
Reproducibility of cardiorespiratory and performance responses to exercise in hypoxia
893 views · 694 downloads
A comparison of two commercially available ELISA methods for the quantification of human plasma heat shock protein 70 during rest and exercise stress
731 views · 563 downloads
Sexual selection studies: a NESCent catalyst meeting
1,566 views · 699 downloads

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