Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

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29 Peer-reviewed Articles

17 Preprints

Organic facies variability and paleoenvironmental interpretation of the Early Toarcian of the Pyrenean Basin: the Bizanet and the Pont de Suert sections
342 views · 203 downloads
The organic record of Oceanic Anoxic Events: Toarcian vs Cenomanian-Turonian
417 views · 271 downloads
Variation of kerogen assemblages and δ13CKerogen in Lower Toarcian successions of the southern Tethyan margin
475 views · 225 downloads
Host-associated microbiomes and their roles in marine ecosystem functions
1,613 views · 1,285 downloads
Cryopreservation of Limnoperna fortunei (golden mussel) sperm with polyethylene glycol
508 views · 443 downloads
Health assessment of a marginal reef site in Southeastern Brazil: integrating ecological indicators and anthropogenic pressures to guide management decisions
247 views · 144 downloads

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