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10 Peer-reviewed Articles

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Multi-gene phylogeny and divergence estimations for Evaniidae (Hymenoptera)
192 views · 104 downloads
Global disparity in public awareness of the biological control potential of invertebrates
346 views · 165 downloads
Seabird Expert Network (CBird): Findings and recommendations from the Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program’s State of the Arctic Marine Biodiversity Report
183 views · 76 downloads
Twelve years of BIOinformatics CLUb for Experimenting Scientists (Bioclues)
580 views · 185 downloads
Investigating the opening mechanism of topoisomerase I B in complex with DNA by means of metadynamics
272 views · 79 downloads
Meter scale variation in shrub dominance and soil moisture structure Arctic arthropod communities
747 views · 117 downloads

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