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The University of St Andrews is strongly committed to ensuring the widest possible access to its research. To this end the University encourages its researchers to provide Open Access to published research outputs so that they are online and freely available. The University also believes in an approach to Open Access that supports and is credible to researchers and one that is sustainable and makes the best use of resources.

The University Library has established a small fund to promote and encourage new and innovative open access models to attain these goals.

PeerJ's model is novel and exciting, and the Library supports its research community by paying for the publishing fees for each St Andrews author on a paper that is accepted for publication in PeerJ. This membership remains in force for the life of the member, even if they leave St Andrews. If you are submitting a paper to PeerJ please ensure you include your full affiliation, and acknowledge any Funder’s and their award number in the paper.

When your article is accepted for publication in PeerJ, St Andrews affiliated authors should return to this page to submit a claim for a Basic Membership or an APC and complete the email verification.

If you have questions about the membership plan or any other Open Access initiatives supported by the Library, please contact

*If you are taking the membership route, all authors of an accepted article must have a paid membership.

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25 Peer-reviewed Articles

22 Preprints

Benthic structure drives butterflyfish species composition and trophic group abundance
1,048 views · 870 downloads
Hierarchical generalized additive models: an introduction with mgcv
7,005 views · 12,385 downloads
Reproducible Research is like riding a bike
1,185 views · 615 downloads
Chronological age, biological age, and individual variation in the stress response in the European starling: A follow-up study
407 views · 355 downloads
Restoring biodiversity in the Mediterranean coralligenous - the MERCES project
662 views · 339 downloads
Researcher engagement in policy deemed societally beneficial yet unrewarded
1,371 views · 529 downloads

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