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Cornell University Library's rich collections, expert librarians, responsive services and welcoming spaces inspire and nourish scholarship and learning throughout the university. In the class of 2012, 85 percent of students reported that the Library contributed to their academic success and efficiency. Its world-class collection -- 8 million print volumes, nearly a million e-books and 5 million journal article downloads per year -- covers incredibly diverse fields, such as hip-hop and punk, East and Southeast Asia, labor, agriculture, hospitality and Liberian law. Thanks to a 24/7 chat reference service, helpful librarians are always just a keystroke away.

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The Cornell Open Access Publication (COAP) fund provides funds for the reimbursement of reasonable article processing fees for articles authored or co-authored by Cornell University community members published in PeerJ. For more information see

Members of the Cornell University Community can apply for COAP funds by completing a web form (at

47 Peer-reviewed Articles

21 Preprints

Timing the extant avian radiation: The rise of modern birds, and the importance of modeling molecular rate variation
2,703 views · 2,341 downloads
QIIME 2: Reproducible, interactive, scalable, and extensible microbiome data science
24,934 views · 23,602 downloads
Maintaining confidence in the reporting of scientific outputs
2,075 views · 884 downloads
Primary molt in Psophia and simpler molt summary tables
649 views · 318 downloads
Advancing global monitoring of ship borne invasive species through streamlined metabarcoding.
511 views · 314 downloads
Assessing the histidine tautomer fractions in proteins. Test on diisopropylfluorophosphatase, a large all-β protein, from Loligo vulgaris
598 views · 539 downloads

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