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The Library of the University of Amsterdam has pre-purchased PeerJ Publication Plans for UvA faculty.

The Library of the University of Amsterdam believes that the dissemination of knowledge is essential for the progress of scientific research. It is in the interest of the scientific community that research results are made freely available to everyone. By 'open access' publishing of research results, i.e. freely accessible to all, the dissemination of knowledge becomes much more efficient.

In order to provide UvA researchers with opportunities to publish in open access the University Library has decided to support this innovative and promising PeerJ initiative.

When a UvA author needs a PeerJ Publication Plan (either before or after Acceptance) the University will automatically pay the cost of a Basic Publication Plan. A Basic Publication Plan will cover the processing charges on your first publication, and will allow you to publish one PeerJ article every year at no additional cost. The publication plan remains yours for life.

If you have questions regarding our support of PeerJ, or other open access initiatives supported by the Library of the University of Amsterdam, please contact the open access team (

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23 Peer-reviewed Articles

Inter-domain microbial diversity within the coral holobiont Siderastrea siderea from two depth habitats
584 views · 101 downloads
Sustainable computational science: the ReScience initiative
2,593 views · 249 downloads
L1 and L2 reading skills in Dutch adolescents with a familial risk of dyslexia
584 views · 127 downloads
Adaptations to different habitats in sexual and asexual populations of parasitoid wasps: a meta-analysis
753 views · 131 downloads

11 Preprints

The first virtual cranial endocast of a porolepiform fish and the evolution of the Dipnomorpha
182 views · 43 downloads
Conceptual and empirical advances in Neotropical biodiversity research
1,611 views · 579 downloads
Exploring the occurrence of and explanations for nighttime spikes in dissolved oxygen across coral reef environments
604 views · 149 downloads
A Science gateway for biodiversity and climate change research
149 views · 37 downloads
DOC concentrations across a depth gradient on a Caribbean coral reef
390 views · 101 downloads
Rosemary: a flexible programming framework to build Science Gateways
267 views · 74 downloads

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