Universidade de São Paulo

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23 Peer-reviewed Articles

7 Preprints

Bangladesh and Rwanda: a case for a high burden of influenza in tropical countries?
135 views · 66 downloads
Increased chemical acetylation of peptides and proteins in rats after daily ingestion of diacetyl analyzed by Nano-Lc-MS/MS
214 views · 68 downloads
Highlights of the 2nd Brazilian student council symposium, organized by ISCB Regional Student Group Brazil
455 views · 142 downloads
Microbial diversity in freshwater samples and their contaminating human and bovine hosts
281 views · 114 downloads
RNA interference as a gene silencing tool to control Tuta absoluta in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum)
755 views · 270 downloads
Advertisement call and genetic structure conservatism : good news for an endangered Neotropical frog
201 views · 159 downloads

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