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The Texas A&M University Libraries welcomes the opportunity to join the PeerJ community and is committed to providing opportunities that allow scholars to protect their copyright and author’s rights when they publish. Additionally, we are dedicated to helping these scholars publish in quality, vetted resources that improve the visibility of their contributions and enhance their own reputations.

As part of our services, we are pleased to expand publishing options to our community through the Libraries’ institutional membership with PeerJ. The Libraries will cover the cost of a basic publication plan for each University author accepted for publication in the journal. The membership lasts for a lifetime of publishing, even if the author leaves Texas A&M.

For more information on the membership, PeerJ and scholarly publishing, contact the Office of Scholarly Communication (Oakfund@library.tamu.edu).

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28 Peer-reviewed Articles

15 Preprints

Evolution of African barbs from the Lake Victoria drainage system, Kenya
167 views · 55 downloads
Blockchain for healthcare records: A data perspective
518 views · 302 downloads
A review of crypto networks
260 views · 168 downloads
Research Infrastructures offer capacity to address scientific questions never attempted before: Are all taxa equal?
666 views · 369 downloads
Out of Asia: Mitochondrial evolutionary history of the globally introduced supralittoral isopod Ligia exotica
298 views · 141 downloads
Are anti-ganglioside antibodies associated with proventricular dilatation disease in birds?
229 views · 43 downloads

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