University of Minnesota

15 Peer-reviewed Articles

12 Preprints

The neurodevelopmental trajectory of Borderline Personality Disorder: a review
129 views · 72 downloads
QIIME 2: Reproducible, interactive, scalable, and extensible microbiome data science
4,401 views · 2,548 downloads
Continental-scale suppression of an invasive pest by a host-specific parasitoid heralds a new era for arthropod biological control
507 views · 280 downloads
Density estimates of monarch butterflies overwintering in central Mexico
457 views · 139 downloads
Fighting back: Population recovery and expansion of the range size of the Mitumba chimpanzee community in Gombe National Park, Tanzania
304 views · 90 downloads
ANGSD-wrapper: utilities for analyzing next generation sequencing data
2,448 views · 1,160 downloads

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