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The University of Pennsylvania Libraries are committed to the broad dissemination of scholarship and support innovative and sustainable open-access projects. Our effort is in keeping with the Penn Compact, which embraces the values of inclusion, innovation, and impact, and furthers the University's goal of bringing "the benefits of Penn's research, teaching, and service to individuals and communities at home and around the world." The Penn Libraries believe that high-quality open-access publishing will increase both the accessibility and the impact of Penn scholarship and PeerJ offers a novel and sustainable open-access model reflecting the Libraries' values.

Therefore, the Libraries have established an institutional membership with PeerJ, and will pay the cost of a Basic Membership for each Penn author (identified via their use of an email address in the domain) on a paper that is accepted for publication in PeerJ.

When your article is accepted for publication in PeerJ, Penn affiliated authors should return to this page to submit a claim for a Basic Membership and complete the email verification.

Your PeerJ Basic Membership remains in force for life, even if you leave Penn. The Penn Libraries will continue to develop ways to assist Penn authors to make their scholarship open and accessible. If you have questions or suggestions regarding the libraries' support for PeerJ or other open access initiatives, please contact Holly Zerbe (

*If you are taking the membership route, all authors of an accepted article must have a paid membership.

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29 Peer-reviewed Articles

17 Preprints

A community perspective on the concept of marine holobionts: current status, challenges, and future directions
3,478 views · 2,861 downloads
OpenMS for open source analysis of mass spectrometric data
1,117 views · 2,027 downloads
An automatic fascicle tracking algorithm quantifying gastrocnemius architecture during maximal effort contractions
882 views · 670 downloads
Differential Enriched Scan 2 (DEScan2): a fast pipeline for broad peak analysis
999 views · 399 downloads
The material-weight illusion is a Bayes-optimal percept under competing density priors
1,135 views · 406 downloads
Serpin functions in host-pathogen interactions
421 views · 549 downloads

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