University of Washington

53 Peer-reviewed Articles

35 Preprints

First confirmation of the shell-boring oyster parasite Polydora websteri (Polychaeta: Spionidae) in Washington State, USA
1,281 views · 1,034 downloads
2018 YPIC Challenge: A case study in characterizing an unknown protein sample
590 views · 362 downloads
Development and landscaping choices differentiate heterogenous tree and shrub communities on office developments
461 views · 324 downloads
The adipokinetic hormones and their cognate receptor from the desert locust, Schistocerca gregaria: solution structure of agonists and model of their binding to the receptor
554 views · 428 downloads
QIIME 2: Reproducible, interactive, scalable, and extensible microbiome data science
22,292 views · 20,703 downloads
Towards predictive biophysical and mechanistic models for disease-causing protein variants
890 views · 681 downloads

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