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The UCSC University Library has a strong interest in exploring and supporting a variety of open access projects. We believe that open access publishing moves science forward and increases impact. PeerJ's model is novel and exciting, and the University Library supports its research community by paying for the cost of membership in PeerJ.

When your article is accepted for publication in PeerJ, UC Santa Cruz affiliated authors should return to this page to submit a claim for a Basic Membership and complete the email verification.

We trust this membership will encourage UCSC authors to make their scholarship open and accessible. If you have questions regarding our support of PeerJ, or other open access initiatives supported by the University Library, please contact the Research Support Services Team at research@library.ucsc.edu.

*If you are taking the membership route, all authors of an accepted article must have a paid membership. https://peerj.com/pricing/#apc-membership-pricing

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19 Peer-reviewed Articles

10 Preprints

Habitat restoration opportunities, climatic niche contraction, and conservation biogeography in California's San Joaquin Desert
657 views · 410 downloads
Mechanisms of speciation in reptiles and amphibians: a synopsis
2,135 views · 2,665 downloads
Squeezing water from a stone: High-throughput sequencing from a 145-year old holotype resolves (barely) a cryptic species problem in flying lizards
614 views · 547 downloads
Resolving differences in observed impacts of invasive lionfish and clarifying advice to managers
1,019 views · 435 downloads
Ancient mitogenomes of Argentine Patagonia (6070-310 YBP) reveal the early contribution of lineages not previously found in South America
722 views · 226 downloads
Largest baleen whale mass mortality during strong El Niño event is likely related to harmful toxic algal bloom
1,755 views · 891 downloads

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