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26 Peer-reviewed Articles

11 Preprints

Inbreeding depression in one of the last DFTD-free wild populations of Tasmanian devils
350 views · 339 downloads
Ecological illiteracy can deepen farmers' pesticide dependency
598 views · 447 downloads
Determinants and consequences of dispersal in vertebrates with complex life cycles: a review of pond-breeding amphibians
702 views · 1,063 downloads
Kelpie: generating full-length ‘amplicons’ from whole-metagenome datasets
397 views · 282 downloads
Protocol for the validation of four search strategies for retrieval of Clinical Practice Guidelines in MEDLINE, Embase and PubMed
615 views · 882 downloads
Diverse effects of Perlecan-HS on cell and matrix regulation: Tendon destabilization in Hspg2 Exon 3 null HS deficient mice reveals essential homeostatic roles for HS in cellular regulation and tendon functionality
280 views · 157 downloads

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