University of Queensland

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38 Peer-reviewed Articles

10 Preprints

Quantifying the impact of protected areas on near-global waterbird population trends, a pre-analysis plan
843 views · 706 downloads
Physiological and anatomical investigation of the auditory brainstem in the Fat-tailed Dunnart (Sminthopsis crassicaudata)
311 views · 268 downloads
Modelling of the SDF-1/CXCR4 regulated in vivo homing of therapeutic mesenchymal stem/stromal cells in mice
467 views · 329 downloads
Continental-scale suppression of an invasive pest by a host-specific parasitoid heralds a new era for arthropod biological control
992 views · 697 downloads
Low resolution scans provide a sufficiently accurate, cost- and time-effective alternative to high resolution scans for interspecific 3D shape analyses
856 views · 527 downloads
Evolutionary analysis of chromosome end extension
345 views · 244 downloads

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