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71,493 views · 27,972 downloads
Biodegradation of thiocyanate in groundwater by a native aquifer microbial consortium
350 views · 164 downloads
Whole genome sequencing of Rhodotorula mucilaginosa isolated from the chewing stick (Distemonanthus benthamianus): insights into Rhodotorula phylogeny, mitogenome dynamics and carotenoid biosynthesis
567 views · 168 downloads
Defending scientific integrity in conservation policy processes: lessons from Canada, Australia, and the United States
1,634 views · 170 downloads
Genetic and morphological analyses indicate that the Australian endemic scorpion Urodacus yaschenkoi (Scorpiones: Urodacidae) is a species complex
321 views · 124 downloads
Regional drivers of clutch loss reveal important trade-offs for beach-nesting birds
378 views · 96 downloads

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