University of Southern California

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14 Peer-reviewed Articles

9 Preprints

Proteorhodopsins dominate the expression of phototrophic mechanisms in seasonal and dynamic marine picoplankton communities
448 views · 146 downloads
Coccolith arrangement follows Eulerianmathematics in the coccolithophore Emiliania huxleyi
286 views · 84 downloads
The draft genome of Ruditapes philippinarum (the Manila clam), a promising model system for mitochondrial biology
371 views · 120 downloads
Metagenome sequencing and 98 microbial genomes from Juan de Fuca Ridge flank subsurface fluids
851 views · 337 downloads
Genomic comparisons of a bacterial lineage that inhabits both marine and terrestrial deep subsurface systems
852 views · 224 downloads
OSoMe: The IUNI observatory on social media
3,468 views · 543 downloads

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