University of Cape Town

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5 Peer-reviewed Articles

9 Preprints

Virus discovery in all three major lineages of terrestrial arthropods highlights the diversity of single-stranded DNA viruses associated with invertebrates
330 views · 221 downloads
Dynamic multi-species occupancy models of birds of high-altitude grasslands in eastern South Africa
242 views · 140 downloads
Marine Genetic Resources, the Nagoya Protocol and the Law of the Sea
177 views · 66 downloads
Phylogeography and cryptic diversity of intertidal Ligia isopods (Crustacea, Isopoda, Ligiidae) across the southern Africa coastline
447 views · 128 downloads
Nuclear pseudogenes of mtDNA (NUMTS) suggest repeated distant inter-species hybridization among direct human ancestors
509 views · 169 downloads
Human evolution: Gradual or Punctuated? Accelerated integration of mtDNA pseudogenes into the nuclear genome coincides with speciation of the human genus. A Hypothesis.
662 views · 208 downloads

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