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21 Peer-reviewed Articles

13 Preprints

STROBE-MR: Guidelines for strengthening the reporting of Mendelian randomization studies
5,599 views · 4,123 downloads
Seismic stratigraphy of the broad, low-gradient continental shelf of the Palaeo-Agulhas Plain, South Africa
429 views · 861 downloads
The adipokinetic hormones and their cognate receptor from the desert locust, Schistocerca gregaria: solution structure of agonists and model of their binding to the receptor
578 views · 480 downloads
Potential use of clinical polygenic risk scores in psychiatry – ethical implications and communicating high polygenic risk
347 views · 568 downloads
Virus discovery in all three major lineages of terrestrial arthropods highlights the diversity of single-stranded DNA viruses associated with invertebrates
1,145 views · 1,027 downloads
Dynamic multi-species occupancy models of birds of high-altitude grasslands in eastern South Africa
751 views · 859 downloads

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