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Lane Medical Library & Knowledge Management Center

Stanford University School of Medicine

The mission of Lane Medical Library & Knowledge Management Center ( is to enable biomedical discovery by connecting people with knowledge. As part of this mission, the library advocates for open access to all forms of knowledge. Recognizing that open access publishing vastly increases free and open access to scientific research, Lane Medical Library is pleased to support PeerJ as an institutional member.

We encourage our authors to make their scholarship freely and immediately available. When a paper is accepted for publication, authors should submit their claim online through the PeerJ system for Lane Medical Library to pay the cost of basic membership for each Stanford author. This fund only supports the claims of authors who are still with Stanford at the time of their claim, and those memberships remain active if authors leave Stanford University.

For more information about PeerJ membership, please contact Mary Buttner (

To watch a presentation by Peter Binfield of PeerJ at an event hosted by Lane Medical Library, please visit

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29 Peer-reviewed Articles

22 Preprints

The health care and life sciences community profile for dataset descriptions
591 views · 107 downloads
Lowland tapir distribution and habitat loss in South America
397 views · 121 downloads
Mathematical models are a powerful method to understand and control the spread of Huanglongbing
257 views · 305 downloads
A mathematical theory of knowledge, science, bias and pseudoscience
1,315 views · 318 downloads
Decentralized provenance-aware publishing with nanopublications
710 views · 157 downloads
DChIPRep, an R/Bioconductor package for differential enrichment analysis in chromatin studies
256 views · 72 downloads

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