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The University of Arizona has deposited funds to cover PeerJ memberships for use by our faculty.

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37 Peer-reviewed Articles

25 Preprints

Improving sustainable use of genetic resources in biodiversity archives
355 views · 236 downloads
QIIME 2: Reproducible, interactive, scalable, and extensible microbiome data science
22,297 views · 20,709 downloads
Visualizing systems and software performance - Report on the GI-Dagstuhl seminar for young researchers, July 9-13, 2018
547 views · 665 downloads
The origin of animals as microbial host volumes in nutrient-limited seas
1,941 views · 1,077 downloads
Genotyping-by-sequencing and ecological niche modeling illuminate phylogeography, admixture, and Pleistocene range dynamics in quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides)
1,440 views · 1,271 downloads
Hydraulic modeling of megaflooding using terrestrial and Martian DEMs
391 views · 315 downloads

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