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UCL is firmly committed to open access publishing, makes funds available to pay Gold article processing charges on behalf of authors, and supports open access initiatives such as PeerJ. The funds that UCL has deposited with PeerJ allow UCL authors initially to become PeerJ members at the Basic level, but UCL’s Open Access Team can agree upgrades to enhanced or investigator membership if authors would like to publish more than one article per year. Contact the Team for advice at

For information on open access at UCL, see the university’s open access pages at

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13 Peer-reviewed Articles

7 Preprints

Evidence based pathways to intervention for children with language disorders
3,626 views · 719 downloads
High or low? Comparing high and low-variability phonetic training in adult and child second language learners
323 views · 60 downloads
SysMIC: A Blueprint for interdisciplinary online training in the life sciences
262 views · 130 downloads
What Box: a task for assessing language lateralisation in young children
268 views · 115 downloads
An early origin and diversification of macrophagous metriorhynchid crocodylomorphs, with evidence for multiple instances of parallel evolution
667 views · 163 downloads
Highlights from the 1st Student Symposium on Computational Biology and Life Sciences, organised by ISCB Regional Student Group, UK
354 views · 307 downloads

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